Advantages of having a dog

What to think about before getting a dog
But before you rush out of the house to get a dog after all these reasons, there are a few things you should think about: A dog is quite a great companion, but it will also demand a lot from you. He wants to be fed, petted, moved and cared for. All this takes some time and you should therefore think carefully about whether you can spend this time. It would be very sad for you as well as for your dog if you realize after a while that you don’t have enough time for him and have to give him up again.

Imagine the following: It’s a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining, it’s not too hot and not too cold and everything is blooming. You would like to go for a walk, but you can’t bring yourself to go alone. The solution: a dog!

He will love to be your companion on a long walk. He will also lure you out into the fresh air when the weather is not so good; and you will realize that you don’t care about the weather – the main thing is to get out with your dog!

Dogs undoubtedly deserve the title of “Best Friend”: they are loyal, intelligent, affectionate and warm – moreover, they positively influence our mental and physical health. In short: dogs are good for us!

The best pet

Which dog suits you depends on your lifestyle and the environment you live in. But the much bigger question is: why get a dog in the first place? We’ll show you 10 reasons why dog is the best pet.

Finding the right dog

Of course, it is also necessary to consider what kind of dog suits you best. Here is important: should he be young or old? Male or female?

Dogs also have different traits and characteristics. Some are family dogs, some are particularly sensitive, some are wild, some are shy and some are watchdogs.

No matter which dog you choose: You can look forward to a fulfilling future full of adventures together with your new friend!

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