Exotic pets. All you need to know

We call exotic pets a group of pets that can be invertebrates, ornamental fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and small mammals, excluding dogs and cats. These are non-traditional pets that can be legally purchased from authorized stores.

All animals protected under the flora and fauna laws of various countries are considered wild animals and should not be kept as pets under any circumstances. Conscious people and exotic animal lovers should oppose in every possible way the sale of wild animals at the roadside, their improper trade or sale of their processed products and the extermination of wild animals by people interested only in their exploitation.

Before you buy an exotic pet, find out if it is legal to own it. You can contact a specialist veterinarian or the appropriate government agency. Most of the most famous exotic pets do not require special permits, and many are considered alien species or imported into the country itself.

So what is an exotic pet? In order for an unusual animal to be considered exotic, it must have been acquired through legal channels and from known and authorized breeders, it must have been bred and kept in captivity for its entire life , which is not protected by any local laws. The owners are not protected by any local, regional, national or international laws and that the owners are fully aware of their special nutritional and care needs.

Animals that are not exotic pets


the illegal trafficking of these animals has led to the loss of 10% of the wild ape population. In addition, the great similarity between them and humans makes the spread of diseases between the two species very frequent, some of which have very serious consequences, such as some encephalitis.

Feral cats

These animals are often subjected to deforming surgery or even mutilation to make them “safe” for their illegal owners. All feral cats are protected in countries which have signed international agreements.


many of these animals are endangered in their places of origin. It should be noted that in order to obtain a cub from wild animals, hunters kill the mother and any other member of the pack trying to protect it.


These animals are also protected under international law and cannot be kept as exotic pets.

Birds of prey

They are often taken from nests by human traffickers and then raised by hand. Large numbers of chickens end up on the black market with serious metabolic diseases, such as rickets, due to poor nutrition. Many are subject to euthanasia. Those that survive adapt to humans and cannot be released again, but they also cannot breed in captivity, resulting in genetic loss of the species.

Domesticated exotic animals, what are they?

When we talk about domestication, we are referring to the process of adapting an animal to the living conditions of humans. In other words, they will learn to live with humans in order to adapt satisfactorily to the activities they perform on a daily basis.

Here are some exotic animals that you can have in your home:

Exotic rodents.

The group of exotic rodents includes guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and many other similar species. These are small animals that are adorable, although the softness of the fur is usually softer in some individuals than in others. They are also easily adapted to socializing and living with people.

Special care for these animals is not excessive and includes a comfortable space inside their cages for their comfort. On the other hand, if you decide to let them out of the house for a moment, don’t lose sight of them. Since their curious nature will cause them to reach places that expose them to danger.

Exotic birds.

In this category, we include species such as nymphs, cockatoos, acaws and lovebirds . These are very impressive companions, as they can dance, sing and even have humans that mimic the human voice very well.

They also have colorful plumage and their company is widely appreciated throughout the world. Exotic birds are among the most intelligent, as they solve complex problems and interact very easily with humans.

Other Exotic Mammals

There are medium-sized mammals such as ferrets, which have become fashionable in the last decade. They have an elongated body, short paws and velvety fur, so they are pleasant to pet.

Although they are sociable animals, if you want to keep them at home you should spend time training them so that they can channel their inexhaustible energy. It’s also important that you take them to the vet often, as they are at risk of getting chronic colitis or distemper outside the home.

On the other hand, there are other species, such as the sugar glider, which is a fairly active animal and leads a nocturnal lifestyle. His large eyes and round face give him a very striking appearance that will not leave him unnoticed. To take care of him, you must have a large cage that allows him to jump and climb without feeling restricted.

Exotic fish.

Watching exotic fish with their bright and vibrant colors is sure to be a treat for the whole family. Some classes, such as the Clownfish, Tangerine, Emperor Angel and Lionfish, are very popular and available.

These are companions that require little care and do not endanger other pets. But it’s important that you don’t neglect yourself and get good advice from an exotic veterinarian to ensure proper nutrition .

Exotic reptiles

Another option that continues to grow in popularity are exotic reptiles such as snakes, iguanas and turtles . It has made it common to find terrariums inside homes in order to properly house these species.

Many of these animals are hardy, do not require excessive investment and adapt easily to their new homes. However, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of their health and nutritional needs.

And if you want a smaller pet, geckos are a good option. There are about 1,500 variations in nature, and you have a pleasing appearance thanks to their large eyes and graceful movements. Their shades allow them to blend in with nature , and because of their simple diet they are easy to care for in a suitable environment.

Exotic spiders

Contrary to popular belief, spiders are not dangerous if not disturbed and their habitat peculiarities are taken into consideration. Similarly, ensuring their health is easy and does not require too much space to feel comfortable.

The important thing is that you devote time and love to create a terrarium that allows you to meet all its requirements.

Exotic pets, do they require special care?

Generally, all pets require a lot of responsibility from the owners . For this reason, if you want to have one, you should consciously take care of it to provide it with the best conditions within your means. And while cats and dogs require your full attention, exotic species will require extra care.

So, if you decide to get any of the legal exotic pets in Spain, start by researching all of their characteristics. This will allow you to learn the factors they need for a long and happy survival. Otherwise, your health and the health of your loved ones. you risk

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that not all exotic animals are allowed in your country. Each area has its own laws, and they have catalogs of species that you must respect and consult. Consequently, it is important that you check whether the purchase of your new pet complies with the laws in force.

Veterizonia has a clinic specializing in the care of exotic animals. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on everything you need to legally and transparently get your pet.
exotic animal habitat.

As we mentioned, exotic animal habitats vary greatly from species to species. They range from deserts to savannas and even rainforests with very rich biodiversity . And providing care for raccoon, lemur, iguana, tarantula, parrot and other such specimens requires these conditions.

These are animals that have evolved to adapt to specific natural ecosystems , and often we do not take these details into account. Currently, the business of exotic pets has grown as a result of growing demand across the planet. And uncontrolled and illegal practices have led to important consequences that negatively affect the environment.

Cases such as the giant African snail, which has spread to our country and is a vector of dangerous diseases, are known . On the other hand, owners who have released Argentine parrots have caused an exponential increase in their population on the outskirts of cities. Nowadays, these birds infest crops and have wiped out numbers of native species.

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