Pros and cons of having pets

The main advantages

  • Pets are a source of affection and warmth. And also a huge amount of positive emotions. If you do not have enough of it in your life – get a pet, that will become a real ray of sun in your house and will always help to cope with difficult situations in life. Moreover, pets usually love their owners more than themselves, which means you will drown in the attention of your pet and will always be met with joy and love.
  • A pet can be a real friend to your child. Which will not only occupy his time and distract him from the constant stay at the computer or smartphones, but also help to cope with difficulties with his silent support. The child will feel the love of the animal and all bad feelings and emotions will go away by themselves. In addition, if parents often leave the child at home alone for various reasons, pets simply will not let him get bored during the day, which will make it easier to be alone.
  • Pets make children more social, it is easier for them to join a new group, get acquainted with other people, communicate and make friends. And the child with the animal is much easier to make friends, because the other children are interested in approaching, stroke, play with a pet, and this will give impetus to make friends or get acquainted.
  • Get a pet is worth if you want to practice responsibility and discipline in the child, eventually making him understand: a pet – not a toy, it must be taken care of, fed, walked, cared for and watched for his safety. Thus, you will teach your children from childhood to care for creatures weaker than themselves, the ability to plan their actions ahead, control their behavior, love and compassion, and you can even lay the foundation, which in the future will tell you how to take care of your own children. A pet will help your baby learn about the world around them and show them that not all animals are to be feared, because they can be sweet and kind if you treat them well.
  • Most importantly, a pet will make a child’s childhood happy and give him lots of happy moments that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Main disadvantages.

  • Allergies. Yes, many children can be allergic to animals, both congenital and acquired. It may well appear after a large amount of time the existence of a pet in your home and cause certain difficulties in later life. Moreover, an allergic reaction can occur even to the pet’s food. If your child is prone to allergies, you should definitely consult a doctor before purchasing one.
  • Animals really need a lot of care: walk them, clean up after them, feed them, wash them, ensure their own safety and the safety of the furnishings in the house. Not everyone has so much time, energy and desire. In such situations, it is better to refrain from buying, because pets are the same living beings, to keep them in unsuitable conditions – is unacceptable.
  • Infections are an inherent problem for almost all animals. The risk of catching a disease or virus from a pet is quite high. Take care of the timeliness and regularity of visits to the veterinarian. Follow all expert advice on care, hygiene and vaccinations. Frequent prophylaxis against worms and other parasites, which not only can transfer to your loved ones, but also harm the pet itself, is necessary.
  • With the arrival of the pet in the apartment there will be a natural smell, which will be felt no matter how you get rid of it. And if the person living in such an apartment, over time, gets used to it and does not notice, the guests will react to it strongly enough. It is necessary to carefully observe the hygiene of the animal itself, as well as the entire apartment, then the smell can be minimized.
  • With insufficient control of contact between the child and the animal from the parents, bites, scratches and other injuries will not be avoided. As long as children are at the stage of development where they cannot control their actions and strength, you need to monitor their behavior with pets very carefully for their own health.
  • Sooner or later, the animal will die, and given the degree of affection children have for their little friends, it can cause great psychological trauma. Try to buy a pet with a high longevity that will be around for a long time and grow up with your child.

Pets will give you warmth and affection. If you are lonely, you should definitely get a friend in the form of a pet, because they are often the ones who help us cope with difficult situations in life. We feel their support. In addition, it is worth remembering that animals in most cases love their owners even more than themselves, so if you lack attention, you will get it from your pet.

If you have a child, a pet will gladly become a real friend for him. Pets will not only give him support, but also entertain him when he gets bored.

Pets will instill responsibility and discipline in both you and your children. After all, a pet requires care and attention; it needs to be walked, fed, guarded against various dangers.

Your children and even you may be allergic to a certain pet. And it can manifest itself some time after the pet has been in your home.

Pets do require a lot of time from owners. They need a lot of care and attention. If you are not ready to spend time and effort to take care of a pet, it is better not to get one than to torture yourself and the animal.

Some animals are still capable of causing minor injuries such as bites or scratches. This is especially true for children, who, because of their age, are unable to fully control the situation.

The death of a pet can be psychologically traumatic for you, because it eventually becomes a real member of the family, to which there is an attachment.

Whether or not you get a pet is up to you to decide. It is a responsible decision, and if you are ready to make it, you can make a new friend and make your family happy.

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