The best dog breeds for the home

Dogs and children can create a special bond, especially if they grow up together. This pet can be the best companion for the little ones in the house, and often their best caregiver. It is also important to realize that in many cases we must supervise and teach children to respect and care for the dog properly. There are certain breeds that are more predisposed to get along with children because of their character and energy. Here are some of the most recommended:

Maltese Bichon.

These little dogs wear distinctive curly white fur. Their cute look gives us an idea of how affectionate they are to those who live with them. They seem to have infinite patience with children and adjust perfectly to life in a small home. Of course, they don’t forgive their games every day.


This dog, also called a pug, is prone to separation if it feels left out. Something natural if you have a child at home. Therefore, they are suitable for families with older children. They enjoy the company of both people and other pets. They are very affectionate and require a lot of attention. Remember.


This is another small dog breed that is very active, fun and playful. Play, especially if they are with children, will be a favorite of these dogs with a lively gait and a smart eye. If you choose this breed, you will be surprised by its ability to show affection.

German Shepherd.

Its extraordinary abilities as a watchdog are known all over the world, which is a consequence of how well developed their protective instinct is. Therefore, if you have children and they grow up together, there will be a close and endearing bond between them. German Shepherds are patient, affectionate and sociable. They need to run around and unleash their vitality every day.

Golden Retriever.

This is another medium-sized breed that, because of its calm, affectionate and sociable nature, is used in therapy for the sick and elderly as a guide dog. They are very accommodating and are always looking out for the well-being of their loved ones. They fit in perfectly in an apartment if they have access to the outdoors several times a day.

French Bulldog.

They need to feel useful and know that they play an important role for their family. Therefore, unlike pugs, French bulldogs are ideal for keeping with little ones. They will take care of them with determination and courage. They adapt to all types of homes, and puppies are especially playful and curious.

Yorkshire Terrier.

Who can resist his cute face? Yorkshire terriers captivate anyone. However, raising them assertively from puppies is convenient because their temperament is dominant and capricious. They require a lot of attention. Therefore, you must be assertive and firm in their training to keep them from responding with constant barking.


If there’s one thing that characterizes this breed, it’s their protective instincts. They are excellent watchdogs, always aware of their own. They get along with children as well as other pets. They are suitable for housekeeping because they are very tolerant and balanced. Of course, it’s convenient not to put them through much effort if it’s hot.


Cockers win love wherever they go because they radiate vitality and joy. They need daily interaction and stimulation, so if you don’t have time to play with them, you shouldn’t choose this breed. It is extremely important to take them out often so they don’t develop frustration or anxiety and start making noise or destruction.


Despite their size, Labradors are comfortable in a small urban dwelling. It is enough that you reciprocate and offer him outdoors several times during the day. They exhibit a calm and balanced temperament and are very affectionate, sociable and intelligent.

Shih Tzu

These furry babies can’t deny that they were raised to live in Chinese palaces. They adapt well to indoor life and are very affectionate and calm with children. Likewise, they appreciate a four-legged playmate, especially in those moments when they have to be left alone.


Their distinctive beard and aristocratic posture have made them a favorite pet of many citizens. They are active, but not overly so, and most of all they like to play and explore. They prefer to be the center of attention, but with proper socialization can live in harmony with other pets.

Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers are very affectionate and love to play, especially if it is in the company of the smallest members of the house. It is worth remembering to educate minors to be respectful of dogs so as not to disturb or hurt them. They adapt to everything but loneliness, learn quickly, and require little maintenance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed corresponds to small dogs with big hearts. They are very affectionate and love to live together, whether it’s just people or other pets. They enjoy indoor life, and because of their patient and poised nature, they are suitable for older people living alone.


Morkies are the result of a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese Bichon. They are characterized by the fact that they are very cheerful, sociable and affectionate. In short, it is another ideal breed for the home because of its small size, docile and peaceful temperament. Aside from regular brushing and daily walks, they don’t require much grooming.

Dogs that can stay home alone for long periods of time

Do you spend a lot of time away from home? Taking care of your dog is one of the most common problems, especially in the case of some breeds that do not tolerate loneliness very well.

Fortunately, there are others who are very independent and calm and will wait patiently for you until you arrive. Nevertheless, keep in mind that:

You should not spend more than four to six hours alone . If you cannot get home in that time, make sure someone takes him out for a walk.
You should take him out for a walk before you leave so he stays calm and waits for you without any problems. Once you get home, take him out again and enjoy a nice walk together.

Here are the 6 best dog breeds if you don’t spend much time at home:

  • French Bulldog – Likes company, but usually doesn’t suffer when left alone. It’s a dog that adapts well to any gender, and it’s also great company for children.
  • Pug : they are affectionate and calm dogs and will adapt well to your home.
  • Greyhounds : are sleepy and easy-going, greyhounds like quiet.
  • Basset hound : very sleepy medium-sized dogs. They won’t mind staying home and resting, but be sure to take them with you later to explore new places.
  • The Schnauzer is a great companion for children, affectionate and calm. He will wait for you at home without worrying until you return.
  • Chihuahua . These dogs prefer to live in company, so if you choose a Chihuahua as a companion, consider getting two. They are very affectionate and calm.

Small dogs for a small apartment

6 small dogs that will get along great in any apartment:

  • Shih Tzu : a very sociable dog native to Tibet.
  • Maltese bichon : he has a cute and attractive appearance and has a very good character. They need a lot of company though.
  • Pomeranian Spitz : the “pom” is tiny and affectionate and needs regular companionship.
  • Dachshund : Dachshund is very playful. Be careful with stairs, he has difficulty getting up and down them.
  • Jack Russell Terrier is a fun, loyal dog for any size home.
  • Westie (West Highland White Terrier): Very reliable, adapts well to the apartment.

Dogs that are great with kids

  • Labrador: A very intelligent and loyal dog who will play with and around babies without causing them any trouble.
  • German Shepherds : guardians by nature, they will always protect children.
  • Yorkshire : they need to be brought up well so they don’t bark too much, but otherwise they are great company for the little ones.
  • Beagle : they are very affectionate and gentle.
  • Cocker : playful and very active, they need a lot of activity to be happy.
  • Boxer : large dogs, very cautious and protective.

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