What pets are better not to have together

For animal lovers: once you get a pet, the rest of life begins to see itself through different eyes. Love for the furry is such that sometimes you don’t think about breeds that may or may not get along together, or that are outright incompatible. Many times doubts arise when it comes to which animal we can join our faithful friend, or what the reaction of both will be when they start living together. A delicate subject we should know before we decide to bring two very different animals together.

Just as no two people are alike, and no two animals are alike, the behavior of each will depend largely on the education they have received . The first thing you need to do is to make sure that everyone sees that these two events are taking place at home, and to differentiate their living space so that there are no “who dominates who” conflicts.

Of course, if you’re going to have two different animals at home, it’s best if both are puppies so they get used to the other’s presence quickly.

cats and ferrets.

Both animals are carnivores and have a pronounced temperament. If they are going to live together at home, it is best when they are puppies so they get used to being together from the first moment. If not, each will need to mark their territory well.

dogs and ferrets.

There are times when if they are brought together with cats, it is most comfortable that they are together since they are puppies, and if that is not possible, they will gradually introduce themselves into each other’s lives. One of the greatest dangers is that a dog, even when playing, will bite a ferret, for they come in very different sizes.

Canaries and cats

Everyone knows that cats and birds are not the best combination, but that does not mean that if everyone has their own space, there should be no problems. The most important thing is to watch out for the relationship of both when they are together, and to make sure everyone has their own space inside the house.

dogs and rabbits.

There should be no coexistence problems if each animal has its own space, let them get to know each other little by little and they will probably find common ground, but what you should never do is leave the two alone . a dog can bite a ferret while playing and hurt it.

Ferrets and rabbits

Rabbits are very easy to get in the house, and if they get to know a dog or cat, there shouldn’t be any danger “a priori” as long as they get to know each other gradually. However, it is different with ferrets, they are rabbit predators, so if you are going to be together at home, make sure they are not aware of each other’s presence to avoid conflict.

hamsters and cats

Each animal behaves differently, and in this case, as explained earlier, the cat is a predator, so you have to be extremely careful with a hamster. Even if they get along, the cat’s instincts can play tricks on them. It is best to leave the cage with the hamster in a locked room when you go out of the house so that the cat cannot enter.

Dogs and cats, yes or no?

Dogs are very sociable animals that can get along with almost any other species. While it is true that cats and dogs are very different from each other, they can live under the same roof without problems if certain rules are followed.
Diseases of Dogs and Cats

Owners should make an effort, because between both animals a friendship is made . This is achieved by not forcing them close by meeting each other’s needs, by not paying more attention to one than the other, and by talking to each in the same way.

Who can cats live with?

Cats are somewhat more difficult than dogs to get along with other species because their character is much more territorial and independent. However, as we mentioned earlier, it will depend on their personality and the age of both species.

It is best for other pets to live with cats to be raised together and socialize when they are still puppies, as they will quickly get used to each other’s presence and consider them as another member of the family. They will be like brothers.

There is no pet that can’t live with another as long as they get along. There is a feeling and a chemistry that exists or does not exist in each copy, just as it does with us humans. There are things that cannot be forced.

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