Why pets are such important family members

Pets are a very important part of any family. They have a lot of responsibility, because in addition to feeding and caring for them to keep them healthy (with their checkups at the vet), you also have to give them lots of love, because they deserve it. What is sometimes forgotten is that pets contribute much more than we realize. If you have a dog in your home, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Dogs empathize and give you unconditional love.

There’s nothing new about how dogs feel, it’s been proven time and time again by science. But they also have empathy. Dogs are able to connect emotionally with their human family and know how to offer comfort when someone needs it. They are able to make a person who is feeling sad or distressed feel much better.

A dog is much more than a pet. It’s a companion, it’s part of the family, it’s a confidant… And any family with a dog will understand how special they can be. Your dog will know how you feel just by looking at you, he will understand your children even before you do by their emotional state. Dogs know how to make a very important and irresistible emotional connection with their owners. They are loyal animals who will be there for you and will love you no matter what. Dogs are altruistic, they have a pure and clean soul, they want only your good, your happiness with them.

Your dog complements your family.

Your dog will help you understand how complete your family is from the moment you arrive. It will help you feel better, enjoy family moments, walk and be healthier, your children learn responsibility through the care they have to have, all of you work on empathy, and you will never feel alone because you will always have his look to keep you company and tell you that he is there for you.

Your dog will never judge you, he will only be there for you to offer you all his emotional support, all his unconditional love. It will be someone who will be there for you without telling you to do this or that. It will be an important part of your family because it will only benefit you emotionally. Your dog will be there for you, with you, he will always give you his best in exchange for nothing, because he only needs your unconditional love, that’s what makes him truly happy. The feeling that he is part of your family and you are part of his pack.

The dog is man’s oldest friend

The dog has lived with man for a long time and not only for hunting, as it has always been able to be a good friend to men, women and children. Hunters began to tame wolves so that they would not steal their food and protect their home. This bond began to be passed down from generation to generation because dogs, in addition to protecting their owners to the point of giving their lives, were also great travel companions.

If you have a dog as a pet and a member of your family, you will notice how he is able to bring calm to your home, how he makes you laugh out loud, how he makes you feel good when he demands you, how loneliness is never a problem in your home, how when something hurts, he knows he needs you and comes to you to comfort you. Your dog is a member of your family, he is the four-legged hero in your home, he is the one who understands you all, even if he can’t talk… His look will tell you everything.

World Dog Day is celebrated every year on July 21 to raise awareness of the importance of adopting dogs who are still waiting for a family that loves them, and of the impact it has on the lives of those who are willing to care. for them and learn from the love they are willing to give.

An affective bond is created between dog and human, that is, affection, appreciation and tenderness. “According to anthropological theory, this bond was formed because of the need of each species. Man needed a dog for hunting, then for caring for goods, and then for company. An animal needs a human to provide food and survive,” explains Antonio Rivera, coordinator of a group of psychologists, counselors and motivators in Guatemala.

The professional adds that man needed another living creature to express the essence of his being and to demonstrate his “inner self” and his affective abilities . and corresponds to the radiation of human affection.

Another characteristic that makes dogs special is that they love their owners, no matter what, and stay close to them regardless of circumstances. According to Barrios, science has shown that the same neurotransmitters and pheromones that are produced during parent-child or couple relationships are produced when we talk or think about our pet.

One of the reasons animals are considered family members is that they are always there for us, no matter what. They show affection in many different ways, from greeting their owner when they come home by barking, jumping and wagging their tail, to sitting next to them when one feels depressed and doesn’t want to talk to anyone.

emotional attachment

The chemistry that binds people to their companion animals creates an emotional attachment that helps explain why a companion animal means so much to so many people, and gives legitimacy to the way they have come to be seen as family members.



It is well known that having pets makes the home a happier place. However, studies have shown that interactions with pets can lead to lower stress and anxiety levels as well as lower blood pressure. In addition, there are scientific studies that have proven that heart patients who own pets have a better chance of recovery than non-pet owners.


Studies have shown that pet care significantly reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels (two risk factors for heart disease). This fact, along with the reduction in blood pressure caused by being around a companion animal, may make pet owners less prone to heart attacks than non-pet owners.

Also, according to an American study, pet owners are much more likely to survive a heart attack.


A large number of recent studies demonstrate the benefits of socializing with pets in preventing asthma and other allergies. For example, contact with a dog during the first year of life was associated with a 13 percent reduction in the risk of developing asthma in later childhood, according to a study involving 650,000 children.


Pets are being used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals and nursing homes as their benefits are increasingly recognized. Thus, patients have something to look forward to and talk about after the pet arrives for a visit. Although some of these values have been put forward since the 18th century, the use of animals in hospital wards is still not common in Europe. In the United States, more than half of nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals use therapy animals. Perhaps most striking of all these positive effects on patient well-being is that a dog or cat can alleviate the social isolation of depressed patients who do not socialize.

These practices and their psychological benefits have been endorsed by medical professionals.

Various tests have concluded that socializing with dogs and cats can lower people’s blood pressure and heart rate. This may be due to the simple fact that caring for some pets introduces new responsibilities, such as walking the dog, going shopping and generally leading a more active lifestyle. Pet owners often admit that it is their dog that makes them exercise. Walking with the dog also leads to many conversations and social interactions that might not otherwise take place.

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